In the Words of the Eastern Ukrainians

Death and destruction in Eastern Ukraine – in their own words

Ukraine Crisis – Death and destruction continues in Eastern Ukraine / Хунта убивает людей [ENG SUB]

New Shocking Documentary About Ukrainian War Crimes – Circles of Hell:

Message to Poroshenko from a women that lost her child and husband as a result of Ukrainian shelling

War Crimes & Atrocities committed by Ukrainian Army

Ukraine People Hate New Gov’t from Obama (Click CC for English subtitles)

Donbass – Chronicle of Genocide

South-East Ukraine: Crisis Diary (Unique Documentary Shot by Ordinary People)

Donbass women – Poroshenko is the real terrorist

Locals of Gorlovka in desperation, damning Kiev regime and Ukrainian forces (English subs)

Man Swears to Avenge Wife, Granddaughter Killed by Ukrainian Cluster Bombs

Ukrainian Major and military expert Oleksandr Taran: “There are no Russian troops in Ukraine.”

Ukraine – Unguided Rockets Killing Civilians

Donbass under fire – The Terminal

Uncut Chronicles: Ukraine, May 2014 (Raw Video Timeline)

Uncut Chronicles: Ukraine, June 2014 (Raw Video Timeline)

Uncut Chronicles: Ukraine, July 2014 (RAW Timeline)

Life in Donetsk (#34) – We thought OSCE will be here | Eng Subs

DPR – Shelling of Gorlovka, June 8th – signs of crimes by Ukr. forces, comments of the locals

DPR – Report from the scene. Village Shakhtar Oktyabrskiy, June 9th | Eng Subs

Women at War | Militiawoman “Lyolya” in ranks of Cossack National Guard – LPR

Donetsk – An American Glance:

Donbass Decides:

An American in Donetsk:


No Nazis in Ukraine?

Odessa Massacre

Casualties of Maidan

Maidan – Some things you may have missed

Russophobia is not an economic recovery

Non-Kremlin sources on the Ukraine crisis

Keep saying NO to war against Russia

Contact Congress

John McCain supports ISIS and Ukrainian Nazis

Color Revolutions and Financial Warfare against Russia

Russophobia I

Russophobia II

Russian Propaganda

Crimea Referendum

MH17 Tragedy

Meanwhile in Michigan – Corporate Fascism

Reverend Pinkney Case

Did Assad gas his own supporters?

Whose side are American Christians on?

What should Obama call his next war?


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